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Hi, We're Hustle Club


We understand the stress that comes with being your own boss. That’s why we help you stay socially active and form quick daily lifestyle habits that have a powerful impact on your productivity, happiness and resilience.

Stop struggling to look after your health while managing your own busy schedule. Let us take care of the details so that you can focus on what matters most.


Membership Benefits

Together we help each other move more and stress less, and replace the workfam you lose when you leave your 9 to 5.

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Morning Motivation

Did you know early risers are happier? Transform your day before 8am with our #HeadBeforeHustle movement - featuring scientifically proven ways of lowering cortisol and keeping burnout at bay. We put everything in one place for you too, making life that little bit easier.

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Exercise Plans For Busy People

Did you know you’re twice as likely to maintain a regular training regime and see the results you want if you have a set exercise plan? That’s why our expert Personal Trainer takes care of all the boring planning, so you can maximise your time in the gym.

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Train From Anywhere

Train from anywhere at anytime. From home-based workouts to bespoke gym plans, you have the freedom to choose the regime that suits your needs. Wherever you are, all you need to do is open the Hustle Club app, follow your plan and get your sweat on.

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Keep Cortisol In Check

Finding the right amount of caffeine that works for you is an important part of overall wellness. You don’t have to give it up but too much can have negative effects. That’s why we challenge each other to replace one coffee a day with our Hustle Club ‘DeStresso’ juice recipes.

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Food Planning

Let us take care of the mundane. With our energising meal plans and shopping lists you can hit the supermarket knowing exactly what you need to grab. You’re in safe hands too, with all plans professionally designed for any diet by Registered Dieticians.

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No more “I’ll start next week” excuses. Our trainer and community knows when you haven’t logged into the app and logged your workouts or progress, so you always get those little reminders to get into the gym and get the most from yourself.

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Find Your WorkFam

As well as a private LinkedIn group for members, we also host socials every quarter at a high vibe restaurant to let our hair down. We give you the chance to network with like-minded business owners, and replace the work culture you lose when you leave your 9 to 5.

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12 Week Challenges

Enter our three month challenges to motivate you towards your goal. From home beauty treatments to meals out, there’s a different prize on offer for every challenge, and you can keep track of everyone else’s activity with check-in’s when they workout.


Find The Membership That’s Right For You


CALM Membership

Perfect for freelancers and business owners who want to find their workfam and adopt a more mindful approach to the day.

  • Meet like-minded business owners

  • Join our #HeadBeforeHustle movement, featuring morning meditations and mindfulness

  • Basic exercise reminders

  • ‘DeStresso’ plant based juice recipes

  • Access to fitness community & private LinkedIn group

  • Connect with other business owners in your local area

  • Sunday yoga with video tutorial

  • Accountability & support

  • Quarterly socials

£19/month. Cancel anytime.


Perfect if you have specific goals in mind and want a plan tailored to your busy schedule. Like having your very own Personal Trainer, Health Coach & support network in one handy app.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete an initial questionnaire to give us a clear picture of your overall health, body measurements, nutritional history and lifestyle and help the team to ensure you get the best start possible.

  • After 3 working days you’ll receive a bespoke 12 week personal training plan, tailored to your unique schedule, goals and preferred types of exercise.

  • Receive accountability check-ins from Kate or Tom if you skip two workouts in a row.

  • Track your activity, workouts, weight loss and nutrition from our private Hustle Club app. You can even hook up your FitBit.

  • Get your own tailored meal plan with quick, easy recipes & shopping lists to suit your progression.

  • Join our #HeadBeforeHustle movement, featuring morning meditations and mindfulness

  • ‘DeStresso’ plant based juice recipes

  • Access our fitness community, private LinkedIn group & quarterly socials

  • Connect with other business owners in your local area

£99/month. 3 month minimum commitment.


We Welcome Anyone

From anyone with a side hustle to directors, coaches, consultants, personal trainers, flight crew, creatives, photographers, vloggers, bloggers, stylists, yogi's, freelancers, designers, influencers or those who work from home.

Our program’s are designed to help busy people stay on track with a healthy balanced lifestyle that doesn’t include obsessing or stressing. The goal is simple: move more, stress less.


Explore Our Enterprise Solutions

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